May 28th, 2008


After seeing the 5D's AMV I decided to click over to only to discover there is still no YuGiOh 5Ds fanfiction! I know the series is fairly new, but with dozens of new DM and GX stories going up every day, 5Ds has a lot of catching up to do! So... any fanfic writers out there up to the challenge? I know there's not much to work with, but just the setting of the series opens up so many opportunities for hilliarousness. Come on guys, motorcycle duels.

Of course I'm far to lazy to write anything myself, so don't get all worked up, I'm just putting the idea out there.

Anyone have any delicious crack ideas they are willing to share?

Who does this remind you of?

"Recount a remarkable incident involving insects." <---OMG! WEEVIL IS ATTACKING LIVEJOURNAL! Run for your lives! Yes, I had to make that stupid reference >_>;  You will notice that's the writer's block question and Weevil thought it amusing for people to come up with disgusting and horrifying incidents of bugs.
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Newbie Hello :3


I'm new here (after lurking like a ghost for a few years). But I'm not new for YGO fandom. :D

And now currently helpless 5D's fangirl :3

Sharing Stuffs:

5D's EP1-5 SUB (avi format)
Kizuna by Kra OP single

News: [Start] single will be released in 4JUN

Cracks: I hope that I can entertain you >D

What are you doing here, Piyomon?
Yuusei's LOL profile
EP7 crack bit
*personally want crack sub* (NSFW)
Jack icon (NSFW)
Mr.CrabHeadYuusei icon
Macho Yuusei? (NSFW)

Most of stuffs contain spoiler. So please don't look at them if spoiler bothers you.

Please check my gallery account for my YGO fanarts. (Most of my previous stuffs are NSFW. So please check tags before clicking links.)

Also I'm looking for Kaiba and Yami Yugi dansen pic/icon. Can anyone direct a lost pervert puppy to it please?
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