May 27th, 2008


Quick Request

Can anyone direct me towards some communities where I could find lots of YGO colorbars? Preferably ones with Malik and/or Siegfried? Also, where can I find some Siegfried icons? (I've been searching for some for the last two hours and turned up nothing...) Please and thank you! ^_^

Also, and this may disturb a few of you, can anyone make me a Malik (mostly good one) x Siegfried icon? Yeah, it'll take some serious photoshopping, and someone with no fear of crack pairings, but... please?

-Nyami Rose  (Yes, I'm still alive. RPing has taken over my life, that's all...)
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Besides going on a cruise to the Caribbean this summer (!!!) I am heading towards a very boring couple of months. I've thrown together a few beta AMVs to be done in between fanfiction.

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Anyways help me decide!

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