May 24th, 2008

SJC St. Louis

Seen as how it's called playthedamncard I'd like to express my opinion, as well as hear the opinions of you other duelists, about things like SJCs and stuff.  

So yeah day one of SJC St. Louis has come to a close, if you haven't been following it you can catch up here:

I'm pleased to report that fellow Pittsburgh duelist Jerome McHale has made it to day 2 (Way to go Jerome!).  

And the deck types are more varying; 6 G.B. builds, 4 D.A.D.'s, 2 Monarchs, then one each of Lightsworn (which sounds like a cult) Counter Fairy (Jerome's deck) and Big City (thought that one died ages ago)

Shaping up to be a pretty good day 2, what do you think people of the community?