May 20th, 2008


YGO Tattoos are major love! <3

Hi there everyone!
As you guys know I'm such a YGO TCG nerd so after a damn long time of waiting I took my lazy ass to my tattoo artist and made a dream come true. I Tattoo'ed in the YGO Card named 'Treeborn Frog' the 16/5 (last friday!)

I did some modifications to it, like removing the bandage under it's chin because it's not only a tribute to my favorite game it's also a tribute for my dead grandfather that will allways be my biggest IDOL. (he allways called me a frog!) ;)

Here is the picture of the Orginal Card:

Collapse )

And this is my Tattoo:

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I hope you guys like it as much as I do! And not to be forgotten while I've got you guys on this tread.
I've got a pair of wings on my back/neck that is inspired by 'Marik's backpiece'. I did it three days after I turned 18 (I'm now 21!) and it's still as pretty as the day I did it. xD

The Wings that are inspired by 'Marik's Tattoo: (I does not have pink hair anymore!)

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Hope you guys like ém! ;3
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