May 12th, 2008

CAGED ➽ anya

Discussion of sorts. I guess.

Who would you like to see as the VAs for the dub of 5D's? I don't care if you're not going to watch it (I probably wont either) but in an ideal world, which cast would make you take notice? Does the show deserve the awesome might of Dan Green, and if so can he play the antagonist for once, please?

Personally I want Veronica Taylor to be one, or both even, of the twins. It would be adorable. And Dan Green as Jack, that would be a must have.
ygo - seto kaiba flame

And Horakhty said 'Let there be tags!' and there were tags and it was good

So, this is going to be the official "Tag Post." What this means is, every time we add a new tag, it should be listed here. If you want a new tag, comment here. If you think a certain tag should be deleted, provide a good reason ('dur-hur, no one uses it!' would be a good example) and we'll consider it. Oh, and the tags we do have SHOULD be fairly self-explanatory, but for shiz and giggles, we might provide a bit of an example as to when they should/n't be used. Comprende?

(Currently the only problem is, there's no playthedamncard moderator account, so no one else can modify this page but me. Short of either a) creating such an account, which would suckily be Plus-level, because LJ is all kinds of suck like that) or b) posting it somewhere that every mod can edit, e.g. the User Info page (ew), people will just have to pester me to edit this page. Sucks. Sorry.)

# anime - if it's got specifically to do with the anime (e.g. things that aren't in the manga AT ALL), use this tag.
# blog crews - For all them crews like 'Blowjobs for Seto Kaiba' and whatnot.
# card game - Stuff about cards. TCG, OCG, video games, et cetera et cetera et cetera!
# cosplay - For all your prettyful cosplaying desires.
# crack - Self-explanatory.
# discussion - Only smart stuff.
# fanart - Ooh, shiny.
# fanfiction - It ate my brain.
# fanmix - The musical variety, e.g. "Bakura Fanmix" or whatnot.
# fansoundtrack - More music. But like, "Episode 199 FST" or something. Should revolve around events or similar, rather than a character.
# graphics:banners - For banners, duh. Can include Friends Only banners and the like.
# graphics:icons - Self-explanatory, I hope.
# graphics:mood themes
# graphics:other - For everything else.
# graphics:screencaps -Very useful stuff, this.
# manga - if it's got specifically to do with the manga (e.g. things that aren't in the anime AT ALL), use this tag.
# mod post - behold the mighty mods.
# roleplaying - advertising for communities, NOT for actual roleplaying.
# surveys - who's your daddy and what does he do?
# video game - damn, how the heck do you beat Ryuuzaki!?!???
# videos:promo vid - PVs are the shiny music videos that are tied to the "official" soundtracks of the animated shows. For example, "Kizuna" for YGO!5D's. But not your AMV. We'll have tags for that sort of thing later.
# ygo!(toei) - For the original series done by Toei. (It's wrong, but SOME FOLKS also call it "A Shadow Game" or "Season 0")
# ygo!(toei)movie - The one with the annoying kid and the Red-Eyes Black Dragon.
# ygo!5d's - Bright. Shiny. NEW.
# ygo!capmon - Hehehehehehheeheh.
# ygo!dm - The beloved classic.
# ygo!gx - SPIN-OFF
# ygo!pyramid of light movie - The one with the talking jackal in it.
# ygo!r - the manga based off of the video game "Shin Duelist 8" a.k.a. "Reshef of Destruction"

I'm here to talk to you about the Avenger Initiative And now for something completely different...
A bulk of the community was swaying in two different directions re: character-specific tags. Personally, I don't find a tag called "character-specific" very helpful. It doesn't tell you WHAT character, and if I happen to be a on a specific-character fix, I don't want to have to sort through buttloads of other characters' character-specific stuff. That said, having EVERY SINGLE DAMN CHARACTER would be hard, so I'd want pretty much the "main" or "most popular" cast members from each show. Suggestions for what this constitutes are welcome.

Another question-- how many of you remember my "Astrology, Blood Types, and Yu-Gi-Oh!" entries? Well, they are definitely "discussion" and they were character-specific, but I'm wondering if you think discussion entries should be further tagged/sub-divided somehow. If you were to go looking for those (or other discussion entries), what sort of tags would you expect to find on the entries? I thought about using "ygo!dm," but then, the discussions there apply to the characters as a whole, not specific to their anime or manga counterparts. So... what? MOAR TAGZ PLZ!