May 6th, 2008

LA Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie

Well, first time officially posting to the community. Been a long time stalker. Loved YGO since 2003 on and off. Been on for about two months thanks to the discovery of the original Japanese episodes. LK also helped me back in. His stuff is funny.

Anyway, I have come to ask a question. Considering Transformers and the like are being made into LA movies (cough Dragonball), what would you think of a LA YGO movie? Serious. I mean, if Dragonball can have one made (I love it to death, but enough with the constipated sound powering up), why not YGO? I am going to actually write a script for a LA version, adapting Season 0. I have no power in Hollywood, but I wonder if it could be possible. Five movies, based of Season 0, Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, Battle Blimp/Alcatraz and Dawn of the Duel. I mean, not sure how you can condense all those card games into a 90-120 minute film, but still, I will find a way.

What would you like to see changed?
Who would you like to see cast?
What plot elements would you like to keep?
What would you cut?

All these questions, plus more I am interested in hearing.

Brand Spankin NEW RPG Community!

I've been mostly a lurker for a while, but still enjoying the discussions I see on here; however, I come with a donation for one and all to feast upon:

The Setting
Welcome to the neighborhood! Your neighbors can be your best friends...or your worst enemies...or something else all together.

Here is your new home in one of the more upper class residential areas. All the lawns are manicured and attended by professional gardeners - unless one of the residents actually has a genuine green thumb.

Of course, genuineness is one of the last things you should be worrying about. Fair play is not an option in this neighborhood. Behind each door, behind each peeping eyes lies a secret, surprise or story of some sort for each person here.

However...not everyone here is an old resident. There are new residents that do appear from time to time.

So, please, come and say hello...have a slice of warm apple pie...and pray there's no cyanide in it.
Who can play?
Any anime/manga series characters, including living and dead. More information available in the FAQ area.
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The only Yu-Gi-Oh's that are already spoken for are the following:

  • Bakura Ryou
  • Otogi Ryuuji

  • So come one, come all! Let's have a grand ol' time and break a few hearts along the way...I dare you...>D
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