April 30th, 2008

When is it okay........?

There is actually two questions to this. Once again I found myself asking these questions on Gaia and got less than intelligent answers. Some of them were pretty well thoughout.....but most was just bash and flaming, which was exactly what I was looking for. Since you guys did well to help me out on the GX question I had a while ago, I thought I would post forth these questions:

1. When is it okay to download and/or read manga and anime online? And do you think it is even okay to do so? And do you think this is whats killing the anime industry?

2. When is it okay to use the Japanese names for discussions? Explain? Okay, what I mean is like what I said some time ago in the GX discussion, when I didnt know some of the JAPANESE names, so I used their American names. But when I knew the JAPANESE names, I used the names. Should I have just stuck to all American names?

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I think this is allowed.

Does anyone know if there's a chinese dub (both cantonese or mandarin are fine) lying around somewhere? I heard that it's hilarious and Marik apparently sounds like a pervert, which I immensely desire to hear and make a track of. Sorry if this has been asked before.

And people, you know you want to find out the answer to life AND sit on your ass while typing at the same time. So click the magical links. D8

Lost in Translation

 I have now watched enough subbed episodes to know that the translations may not be entirely "accurate", but for the life of me I cannot figure out how in episode 186, the monster Slate Warrior (aka Newt )  became "New York! An evil voice in my head keeps announcing: Nameless Pharoah vs State of New York, on an all new episode of "Law and Order"..... Also I noticed at Alcatraz tower, Marik attacked Kaiba with a monster named "Victoria".
 So, has anyone else found some interesting translations?
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