April 29th, 2008



The Red Millennium Yugi-oh RP Community is looking for all new members. Things have finally died off and we're doing a total restart. IC Canon universe post series. AE characters welcome. Millennium items all belong to Atemu at game start and will be given out/stolen back as we go.

Please feel free to apply now, characters will be assigned on a first come first serve basis to those who demonstrate appropriate rp or creative writing experience.


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People of Playthedamncard...

I need your help.

I find myself in need of crossdressing Yami pictures.


ygo - kaiba's the reason waldo is hiding

You know you make me wanna tag

*sings* It's time! Making tags, making tags, is so fine...

Okay everyone, as promised, it's tagging time! I haven't seen any other modly posts since my original post from any of our other (semi-) active mods, so if any of them care to toss in their opinions, please do so!

Based on the most recent sort of posts I've seen, I've got at least some basic tag ideas in mind:

discussion - for posts that "discuss" things, but in a relatively serious tone. Though I suppose "Which superpowers would you give to the Yu-Gi-Oh! cast?" could be serious, even though the very thought of Pegasus in a underwear-on-the-outside suit makes me giggle.

ETA: There are different types of discussion, so I'm wondering if we should either have different tags for discussion, or something like sub-tags, like discussion:(something). For example, discussion about community stuff is different from discussion about, say, the legality of watching a subtitled version on YouTube or downloading scanlations of Yu-Gi-Oh! R. Likewise, that's different from discussing 5D's and the potential plot twists to come. What do you think?

crack - for the crazy.

roleplaying - advertising for communities that roleplay. Either Yu-Gi-Oh! or multi-fandom that can/does include Yu-Gi-Oh!

ETA: ABSOLUTELY NO ROLEPLAYING ON PTDC. That means no one should come on here pretending to be Jounouchi, Kaiba, Yami no Yuugi, Bakura, Malik, Honda, Zork, WHOEVER! In comments, haha "So and so would totally say XYZ!" is fine, but entire posts as if you are a character and just went to some anime con and took hot smex pictures with (insert other character here)? No. Just NO. (This isn't new, and this isn't personal, btw. I've seen posts like this in the past that got everyone's thongs in a knot, so those "style" of posts aren't welcomed here. Feel free to advertise RPGs that can go under this tag, or post cosplay pix that can go under another tag- don't fuse the two in a post as if you're actually the character.)

fanfiction - duh, for fanfiction. This can mean posts to your own stuff, posts to really good fanfiction you like (but didn't write, a.k.a. recs), or posts to fanfiction-related things, like communities, profiles, websites, etc.

fanart - for fanart. Again, this could include your own, recommendations, requests for fanart, whatever.

fanvids - for the YouTube-inclined. This could include AMVs, slideshow-style, or whatever. As long as it's got moving pictures and some form of audio, I'd say it counts.

fanmixes (and/or fansoundtracks) - for musical compilations set to some sort of Yu-Gi-Oh! theme. This WOULD NOT include music that is directly related to the actual show(s), e.g. the opening/closing themes, the BGM, or anything that I could humanly find on any of the Yu-Gi-Oh! CDs.

The difference between FMX and FST: If we did end up doing two different tags for fanmixes and fansoundtracks, I see the difference as:
-a fanmix is a collection of songs that you think personify a particular character or pairing
-a fansoundtrack is a collection of songs that you think help symbolize a series of events or experiences
Thus, there are "Bakura Fanmixes" and "Azureshipping Fanmixes," but if someone were to do a "soundtrack" to a fic they wrote, that'd be a fansoundtrack, not a fanmix. Sound good?

cosplay - showing off your kick-ass cosplay, requests about cosplay ("how the heck do you make Yami no Yuugi's hair!??!" etc.), pictures of other Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplayers from a con you attended/your friends/your dog attended, or even you advertising your cosplay-costume-making abilities!

card game - for anything related to the TCG (that would be the English version, folks) or the OCG (Japanese version). I'm not sure what term is applied to Asian-English or other nations, but basically the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" game itself, a.k.a. Duel Monsters, a.k.a. Magic and Wizards, except played in real life. It can be card questions, tips and tricks, cards for sale, begging for cards to make your l33t deck, whatever.

sightings - Whether you spotted Malik at a Himalayan ski resort or a bizarre Yu-Gi-Oh item at your local grocer, sightings of any variety would fall into this category. Sightings with PICTURES are much better, but remember to keep your photos of a decent size and ALWAYS under a cut so it a) doesn't make people's pages look ugly when they come to our loverly community, and b) doesn't take forever for the pages to load.

Any others, whether they are post-specific, community-specific, or whatever are gladly welcomed. For example, mandatory tags so people know what series you're talking about:
YGO! or perhaps Toei, so people know you're referring to the first-ever animated production of Yu-Gi-Oh!, the one that wasn't dubbed into English.
YGO!DM or Duel Monsters Anime, referring to the one that DID get dubbed, lasted five seasons, had a movie of much longer length than "that other series" and is generally the thing we know and love and discuss and poke fun at all the time.
YGO!GX - The bastard son of the sequel The spin-off series.
YGO!5D's - The newest incarnation.
YGO!R - For that kick-ass manga that was based off Shin Duelist 8/Reshef of Destruction.

And maybe, for those posts where this clarification is important:
anime - for the posts about the anime! This would be especially important for the original series (Toei) and the Duel Monsters, since they differed greatly from the anime in many ways, for GX, because its anime counterpart is not the same as its manga one, and 5D's, which (currently) has no manga counterpart.
manga - For Yu-Gi-Oh! R, which has no anime counterpart, for any discussions talking about a manga-specific storyline or arc (including the differences between any animated versions, e.g. the Pharaoh's Memory arc in the anime vs. the manga), etc.

And if you're feeling fun,
video game - Because we have a whole lot of them and they need some lovin'. I suppose this could also include the Yu-Gi-Oh! Online (Duel Evolution) game for the PC.

(1) Should we include tags for specific characters? If so, should a tag include both the dub and the original name, or just the original name? How do we decide what's the proper romanization -or do we go by "official" material like the translated manga? (What about for anime-only characters whose names were changed in the dub, e.g. Amelda? Do we call him "Amelda," or "Ameruda" or something else all together?)

(2) Should we include tags for arcs, e.g. Duelist Kingdom, Dungeon Dice Monsters, Battle City, Big Five's Virtual World, Noa's Virtual World, Doma/Orichalcos Saga, Pharaoh's Memory/Dark TRPG/Memory World/etc. etc.?

(3) What about tags for fandom-specific stuff, e.g. the Shipper's List, The Abridged Series, the Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia/WikiFic, and so on?

(4) Any other suggestions? (I'd love to see some fanficrants-style tags on here, but that might just be my sadistic side)

NOTE! None of these tags have actually been created yet, and what will most likely happen is that those few tags that we already have will be removed/renamed, and the few entries that were already tagged will need to be re-tagged. While mods should be the only ones to create tags, I see no reason why the members can't do the actual tagging. We can even create a special tags page so people can keep track of all the tags, their categories, and what they SHOULD be used for (and as a place to suggest more tags, so that mod posts don't get cluttered up with that kind of thing).

What we want out of this: a way to better organize posts, so like things can be found with other like things.

What we want to avoid: multiple tags that mean the same thing. Tags that are so general that every other post would have ALL of those tags on them, thereby rendering the whole concept of FINDING entries useless. People tagging and/or untagging entries willy-nilly and making an entry that was findable one week buried the next.