April 28th, 2008

Ally Alister Amelda Yugioh Cosplay

FRESH Ichiban cosplay "photoshoot"

So here are the pictures i promised some of u ^^: they`re not that good and the reasons are the following:

* My boyfriend didn`t finish his cosplay in time. ( HE FAILS. XD )

* The photographer SUCKS.

* My boyfriend hated his wig and wanted to pull it off.

* I almost froze my ass off. ( it was cold! and I didn`t want to keep on dragging that darn coat everywhere at the con :-: )

* I think I`ve gained like 3 kilos in weight after this weekend. ._. I`ve been living on chicken salad and candy.( my stomach hurtss...T_T )

This is after the posing, I got annoyed and felt like posing for you guys cu`z my bf was dull D:

" You look like a guy!" - friend

" I do? thx! " - me

"I stole the PHARAOH! ....oh..you just wanted his soul? why didn`t you just say so?"

the "whole thing" D:
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