April 25th, 2008

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Title: Yu-Gi-Oh! Hero 2
By: lizachan123 of Youtube
Summary: For those who are having trouble or seen trouble, let's stand up for what is right. Don't worry about what people say about it, because they don't know or understand what you are trying to do. A hero's a person who makes the right the choice. Don't let others choose for you.

A well made video with a great message! :D The lyrics fit the characters situations quite well. What do you all think?
Biker GaGa


 Hi! I've been watching this community since last year, and I must say you guys make a fandom great. XD Well, I've been utterly obsessed with YuugiOu for nearly seven months, having been brought back in by the Abridged Series. I was obsessed with what I now know to be the terrible dub as a completely fooled 11 year-old kid for 2 years. (It was my life then and it is again now, everything comes back to get you.)

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[MAD] Evangelion + Yuugiou!

So I made this:

because you can never have enough crack Eva clips XD. Does it count as a MAD if it's not from Japan, tho? :-|

Anyway, that's my second try. The first one was kinda lame in retrospect. And w00t, YouTube finally has a 'watch in high quality' option. Praise the Lawd!
Heartless Eyes

Hi Everyone! *waves*

So... I don't know about you guys, but it is FINALS time for me DX and do you know what that means? The need for stress relief! I want to thank you guys for all your help and wonderful crack-tastic ways that are helping me through this stressful time! Anywho, I come bearing gifts! I finally found some good AMV of my fav couple: Atem and Yuugi-kun~! <3 (I don't own any of these XD But I love who did!)

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