April 22nd, 2008

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So I finished watching the first episode of 5D's and I noticed how it ended with the most hilariously and appropriate gay line. Evar.

Especially if taken out of context.

...thus it needed to be iconed.

Do whatever with them you want. XD No credit required.

Also: Does this pairing having a shipping name yet? If not, can we make one RIGHT NOW?


...I was looking on wikipedia, and I knew that Set was once regarded as a very good guy, but wow. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Set_%28mythology%29

"In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Set (also spelled Seth, Sutekh or Seteh) is an ancient god, who was originally the god of the desert, storms, and chaos. Due to developments in the Egyptian language over the 3,000 years that Set was worshipped, by the Greek period, the t in Set was pronounced so indistinguishably from th that the Greeks spelled it as Σεθ (Seth)... The exact translation of Set is unknown for certain, but is usually considered to be either (one who) dazzles or pillar of stability, one connected to the desert, and the other more to the institution of monarchy."

Pillar of stability = Obelisk.

"Set was viewed as immensely powerful, and was regarded consequently as the chief god. Set carried the epithet, "His Majesty", shared only with Ra. Another common epithet was, of great of strength, and in one of the Pyramid Texts it states that the king's strength is that of Set."

Set = god of the desert/Egypt, Ra as god of the heavens? Notice that Seto's the one with a company while Yami just fights evil, and Seth... got stuck with running Egypt after Atem ditched him. In this context, Seto's obsession makes more sense. He should be Yami's equal, he should be worthy of being King of Games/Pharaoh, yet he keeps losing.

Looking at the deuls in-series, he lost the first two in manga/first in the anime because he was corrupted: that wasn't Seto. In Deulist Kingdom HE WON because he was fighting for Mokuba. In Battle City he loses because he's fighting for 'his kingdom' and Yugi/Yami have Jounouchi & many others on the line as he once had Mokuba. In the Egypt manga, Priest Seth loses vs Kuribohs because raw power loses to the power of others. If Seto's fighting solo and Yami isn't, he loses because he's outnumbered. In Duelist Kingdom, on the other hand, it wasn't just Seto vs. Yami, it was Seto + Mokuba (as motivation) + Yugi that beat Yami. During the possessed duel, it's the same thing as pre-mind crush: not him fighting, so you can't count it a loss. Defeating enemies because of friendship is a lot more logical when you think of it in terms of defeating enemies because of outnumbering them. Eg. in the short term, crazy-Malik beat Mai. In the long term, Mai's the true winner/survivor of that duel because she had backup: people willing to go to a lot of trouble to kill him and save her.

Do you realize that this means, in the 'present time' of the Yu-gi-oh series, that Yami and Seto are tied? One win each? They are rivals and equals, evenly matched, so since Seto/Seth wants to be the superior so Yami/Atem can move on as they are no longer King of Games and no longer needed, that means he's doomed to frustration.

"Set was regarded as a fierce warrior. It was he who protected Ra on the solar barque, slaying the chaos serpent, Apep each day to allow the sun to rise. Combined with an association with the destructive and irresistible power of storms and the desert, Set became the patron deity of soldiers, who often wore Set amulets, hoping to acquire similar destructive force, or Set's infinite protection."

I think we can all say that Seto? Is the king of irresistable power & destruction. Yami can't challenge him, not alone. He wins by bringing a lot of weak things together (kuribohs, the pieces of Exodia). Also? Infinate protection? Selling himself to Gozaburo, going up against Pegasus, giving Yami that card... Yep, Seto's a protector.
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-AVPM- killing people


So, not to ask you lot to do anything for me, but can anyone point me in the direction of the Yami Pout Picture? And also maybe caps of the last episode?
*looks around*
In among all the 5Ds love, I forget where to get things.
Ack. in return, I probably have a lot of icons you may want. So if you give me a character (uhm, real YGO only) I can give you a hell of a lot of icons in return for your imminent generosity.
-AVPM- killing people

physics x yugioh OTP

Long story short, I took some paintings of Bakura and Noa into school and just so happened that I showed them to my physics teacher. He wants me to do one for him as well.
No, what do I paint? I had to explain the entire Theif King storyline to him and I think I lost him, so nothing too in depth.
dbzhobbit suggested doing something physicsy, and all I could think of (despite doing A2 level physics) was atoms.
So, here. I present you all with a picture of malik, as an atom.
It took less than five minutes, so don't expect anything amazing. >_<
Of course, suggestions of what to paint would help, too.

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Ohyeah, and I'm aware that for it to actually BE helium, there should be two Maliks at the centre, but honestly. Crack is only good in it's purest form.
stock [my matryoshka]

Because it was too precious to pass up.

Okay, so, I'm obscenely bored, and I decided to do something that might have been done before but I don't care, and it's for my own amusement, along with others.

I want you all to create a Yuugioh Disney Movie. Aka, put Yuugioh characters in Disney movies and butcher up the movie the best way you can. Extra points if you can mess up the songs, too. Extra extra points if you can make character connections with pictures (because we all love pictures)!

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