April 20th, 2008

Yugioh reference in Hi Hi? (and some avies)

I don't mean to bug the community so early in my..joining, I guess I would say, but I've been trying to find a certain video to no avail. A few pages back there was a Youtube video of episode 5 of Hi HI Puffy Ami Yumi that had a Yugioh reference-palooza in it; unfortunately, the video isn't available anymore and Youtube has failed me in locating another one. If anyone could provide a link to this episode, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Oh--before I go (to make this topic a little less useless) I come bearing a few YGO avatars.

Collapse )

If you've witnessed the semi-partial-horror that is Capsule Monsters, you'll understand #3 I'm sure. And if you like Employee of the Month you'll get #2.

cream puffs

Shameless RP Plug. You know you want to play!

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