April 18th, 2008

In their older years..

Hello one and all. I'm a new member here so...introductory topic, I suppose? 

Anyway. Just today, I was eating at a fast food joint and saw this middle-age looking dude wearing what appeared to be a black, almost biker-looking outfit (with the leather and all). Since I have a very weird imagination the first thing that came to mind was an old man Yami wearing his usual bondage/leather outfit. Oh the horrors.

It started to get me thinking: Where would the Yugioh characters be in their later years? What would they look like?

So here's the wacky question I want to ask all my fellow Yugioh fans: What do you think the Yugioh characters will be like when they're older? I mean real older.

Yes, even the crazy OOC answers are fully acceptable. Make it funny! ;D