April 14th, 2008

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A question for all you Psychological minds

My muses are entertaining me with a new storyline of possible OOC. That is due to the fact that Kaiba is going to have a mother.

So my question is how do you think it would have ultimately effected Kaiba's personality if he had that motherly love to counter Gozaburo's harsh "teachings"? Would she have softened Kaiba's cold personality or would she barely have made a difference because Kaiba was not her own son?



Is The Duelist Genesis gonna change the game?

For all you TCG-ers (or OCG-ers I'm not prejudiced) I would like to ask you a question;  Will Synchros and the Duelist Genesis change the game once it is released?  LOTD is gonna be out in a few weeks and I'm looking to the future now.   And will Synchros see competeitive play?  

Will anyone use Synchros other then me?  They look really cool, and I'm gonna try and build a Yuusei deck once Starter deck '08 and Duelist Genesis are released.  

What're your plans for the game once it improves?
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I have, as my screenname on msn,
" Okay, this match is the very definition of GAY. First of all, Pegasus cheats the entire match."
It was on s-k.com, meh. I giggled a lot, I think I was highly caffinated.
I was asked by a random non-fan "who's pegasus?"

So..what would your defination of Pegasus be?