April 13th, 2008

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Something for LK regarding Zorc and Pals...

This is probably the biggest WTF moment I ever had: after reading through the Phantom Darkness set off the Yu-Gi-Oh! wikia, I chanced upon Yubel, Jaden's creepy-as-heck stalker in Yu-Gi-Oh! DMX, I mean GX.

Wasn't Bakura talking about his and Zorc's adopted daughter?

Ergo, Yubel is a very good candidate to be Bakura and Zorc's daughter.

That would open the door to more GX bashing, wouldn't you think?

Also: card games in motorcycles?

Fanfic = win?

Well, I am about to add to the millions of fanfics of YGO out there.

My friend and I (the one who wants me to cosplay as Seto Kaiba) are writing another YGO fanfic. Our fanfics are ones for comedy...not the yaoi we love so much. So no shipping sorry Xp

Our first one was about Seto Kaiba falling ill while the other DM chars took care of him. We each picked several chars and did individual chapters for each. It was hilarious and alot of ppl loved it. I dont remember if it had a title or not....but it involved Pegasus in a cheerleading outfit.

If you would like to see the one in progress or the completed one...lemme know lol

If anyone does want to see the chapters as theyre written, Ill be more than happy to post them.

I just like to have opinions of true YGO fans lol