April 12th, 2008

l. i've hacked HISTORY man!
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I must know who is responsible for the following icons. I am in love with them and want to use SOOO badly, but I feel guilty using icons without crediting. D:

Thanks, got them!

Why though?

Okay, Im sure this has probably been discussed here before, but again, Im new so please dont hold it against me lol

Anyway, I want to know why there are so many GX naysayers.

I personally think the show is okay for what it is.

Though the saying is, "Nothing beats the original" and GX doesnt beat YGO, its not THAT bad lol

For the first season or two, it was pretty good. I personally did want to see something more than dueling, and I did. Not that nothing beats grown men and women trying to beat little kids (more like teens but you know) at children's card games, but it added diversity.

I asked this question on Gaia Online and got some pretty unintelligent answers, so Im hoping itll be different here. I dont mind the, "It sucks" reason, but could you at least explain? lol Thats all I got there was that and "Its not better than YGO." Yeah but why?

Sorry if Im sounding a little....eh....but I really want to know some opinions....
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GX end, Gotcha!

greetings :D

I've been sorta lookin at this comm for a while and finally decided to join.

Yes, Ka-chan, I know you're gonna be happy about this. XD BTW, here's something I just found now, it should make ya happy.


Anyways, I'm mostly a GX fan and I really only watched duelist kingdom and part of battle city from the original YGO series, hopefully someday I'll make sure to watch the rest of it... somehow ^^;;;. I'm now starting to take a liking to 5Ds and am gonna make sure to keep up with that.

I'm an artist, so I like lookin at lots of fanarts everywhere and hopefully I'll get back to doing some finished fanart to post sometime. I might try to make a batch of icons to put up sometime, since I've begun to find icon making somewhat fun :3

For now, I actually have a small request, I've been hoping to find some more fan-made YGO GX openings on youtube, but have only found a lucky star one. Anybody else found any others they could share?

I hope to have fun with the rest of you guys here! :3
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ygo - unfruitful darkness

PTDC is sirius bizniz!

Oh, Em, Gee. Not a cracky fun post! But a questioning one to all you lot, the lovable and sometimes quite amusing members of playthedamncard.

How many of you guys would like to see a tag or Memories system of sorts instituted here on PTDC?

I ask because I wonder how many of you ever forget to put a really good entry (whether it's discussion, crack, or something else altogether) in your own Memories and then want to find it at a later date, only to have it lost in the torrent of other PTDC entries (I'm really thrilled we're so active still). I know I have, and it bites.

We have a very teeny-tiny tag system started, but it's hardly comprehensive, and if I were to sort it out and/or expand it, I'd need everyone's help tagging past entries. If we end up getting some sort of positive agreement on this front, I'd welcome suggestions for new tags, tags to get rid of/rename, etc.

Example tags might include: icons AND/OR graphics, discussion, crack, shipping, memes...

Basically, anything to help "sort" out entries. Keep in mind the rules (which may or may not need to be updated; lavaliere is on HIATUS, which makes me, ankhutenshi, and frannyan the only active mods atm), so things like R-rated stuff and certain rants might be better on other communities, such as ygo_rants and such.