April 10th, 2008

ramen girl!

I bring curiosity and lulz

Fandom n00b heer; first time post; blah blah cardgames blah. Anyway. I was just wondering how many of you were first exposed to YGO via your child/younger sibling. Or, for that matter, how many of you saw the dub first and went, "This is horrific!" or "What a dumb show!" before finally giving in to the awesome.

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Long story short, somewhere between "Man, You-Gay-Ho sucks!" and "Dude, I have to write this fic!" I became an adoring fan. I think I'll blame littlekuriboh.

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Oh, and would somebody else please, for the love of God, join this thing? ygotasrpg WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE IN THERE???

More pics of SakuraCon goodness... from a pro...

Gomennasai on these not being my own photos, but my camera had died the first day of the convention. *sniff*

This link is to the collection of probably the most badass (and prolific) photographer ever to attend the con, and there's some pretty sweet shots in there for a lot of the best costumes.  If anyone is curious about the Yu-Gi-Oh photoshoot, simply check out the "Sunday" section.


ATTENTION: Expect the photoshoot at SakuraCon 2009 to be even cooler! (and maybe larger, I sure hope) Such lovely crack (and random usage of TAS references) makes me so damn proud to be the official coordinator of the photoshoot. ^__^
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Wow....glorious shipping......

Thanks to my good friend soralover, an awesome person IRL, I was introduced to the world of shipping.

I know, I know. Why so late?

Well, I used to be a little wary of Yaoi.....okay not wary....but like completely avoided it.

That was until Gravitation a few years back....that manga opened my eyes lol

But again....a few years back.

Today, I saw soralover's awesome desktop, a picture of little Yugi playing video games while the Atemu used him as a pillow. It was cute to say the least. Puzzle shipping she called it. I fell in love. It was darling!

That was not all....more shipping was to be shown to me.

Now I am a big Kaiba fan, love the rich bastard, and to hear of the stories and the pics of him with my least fav character...in the show anyway...Joey Wheeler...or Katsuya Jonouchi...made me...not happy.

But the pictures...the puppyshipping pictures....ADORABLE!

I was amazed at how quickly that changed my mind. My current desktop is a chibi puppyshipping of the two embracing one another.

Just want to say thanks soralover for opening my eyes.

Im not obsessed or anything....just more open now lol.
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