April 9th, 2008

Cosplay amelda Alister Yugioh

someone out there?

I`m feeling lonely on the webb. so if someone wanted to talk I would be very happy D: I have like no one to talk to these days.
So..someone want to talk to an 18 year o`l yugioh nerd? :D ( not denying one bit)

just say you want to talk and you get my mail : )

love ya all

erase this if it`s againt the rules or somthin :I
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Yami icons and sturf

Was bored and just messing with piccys of Yami and making icons, when I decided I wanted to make a few of Season 0 Yami.
Only problem is, I haven't got any cool piccys of him save for two ^^;

Anyone care to suggest a few? :D

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And if for some bizarre reason you guys want me to make an icon for yaz just link me the pic and I'll make what I can XD (What? It's fun and I'm bored XD)