April 6th, 2008

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Trustshipping Media

I thought it was about time that I posted another video playlist. :) If anyone remembers, I posted one centric Azureshipping a while back. So here is another added to the series. I have others (Puppy/Silent/Arrogantshipping and more) still in the works.

I’ve gone around Youtube and collected, in no particular order, what I believe to be the top Trustshipping (Seto/Isis) uploads. Below you will find the link to the playlist, embed and a favorites/or teaser list of sorts.
You may subscribe to this Trustshipping playlist if you would like to stay up to date on the best new Seto/Isis videos (I usually check around fairly often). You will have to go to my personal Youtube page (arien14) and click the “Subscribe” link next to the desired playlist in order to subscribe.


Teasers/My Favorites :
H-L-A-O-T-V-E-E by pikashipper4eva
Perfect Enemy by pikashipper4eva
Frozen by daphne4
Destiny’s Gravity by MelMeikoMeiLing
Hell Fire by IAmEverywhere15

If there is something that you would like me to include in this playlist, please message me on Youtube about it (arien14). I hope you all enjoy this and I’d appreciate any comments, thoughts, which are your favorite videos or what I could do better. Remember, this is not a place to bash the characters or pairing.

For more Trustshipping visit:
Trustshipping @ WikiFic
Heartless Eyes

Oh the fandoms.

Alright guys, I need some help again. I need to know what you think is the greatest Yu-gi-oh! pairing (and why if you want to!) so I can get started on wonderful fanarts to sell at convention! So... who's the best? <3
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