April 3rd, 2008

Help ^^;;

Okay so....

My friend wants me to cosplay as Seto Kaiba for her, since apparently I do a good impression of him lol

Its for an anime convention called Persacon in my hometown. She said if Im Seto Kaiba that she would be Mokuba, and that would just about make her day I know.

So, basically, if any of you know where I could find a good Seto Kaiba outfit, preferably from the Battle City Duels arc, that would be just about awesome.

Thanks so much.
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Mrs. Lovett and sky

Something fun!

Probably you guys have already found these, but nevertheless...

When I saw thelinks that were posted to different doujinshi circles' websites, being the dweeb that I am, I had to follow a few and find fun stuff. Sadly, I cannot save the flash vids though they're pretty darn awesome. lenaf007 insisted that I share what I found. ^_^

October Birthday with Seto


I am in awe of the mad Flash skillz.
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