April 2nd, 2008

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Since I have them...

I finally sorted through my Sakuracon pictures properly and have some pictures from the Sunday morning (was it still morning? It was still cold, whatever time it was.) YGO shoot. They're a pretty random little collection, since I just staked out a place against a wall to attempt to soak up the weak and pathetic excuse for sunshine we were getting about 50% of the time, but sharing is good. Yes? I thought so.

By the way, please to be excusing the rambling. This is distracting me from RL things I'm not prepared to deal with yet, so it's all over the place. Gomen ne.

Anyway, onward to pictures!

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CAGED ➽ anya

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So 5D's.

Y/N ??

I haven't watched it all yet, and my Japanese is next to nothing. But something tells me Jack Atlas' ego is larger than Kaiba's. And my brain hasn't melted out of my ears. And the animation looks rly cool.

So far -it's okay.