March 28th, 2008


first (real?) post

I point fingers at the Abridged Series, Nicovideo and this comm for resparking my interest in Yugioh again, after five years of nothing! Also shouting out to a long-dead Bakura fansite, and the long-dead Kyouku Geemu Yugioh forum for getting me hopelessly hooked in the first place. THANKS!ノ∀゜)ノ。・。

So hopefully this one here won't be the last! ☆(•ω•

And now, reverse card open--!
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Right, so how's it going. ;D
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Yami learns the meaning of Easter!

Hai everybody...I come bearing a very random Easter-related doodle, in which Yami learns the meaning of Easter! ...sorta.

Super special awesome disclaimer: Absolutely NO disrespect is meant towards anyone of any religion with this, I realize Easter is very important to some people, and so if a comic poking fun at Easter and Jesus is going to offend you, feel free to walk away now. This is meant as a joke only and is meant to be taken extremely lightly. ^^; As all good crack is, of course. v.v (And I have no clue how, if at all, Easter is celebrated in Japan, so...just ignore country-related issues, alright?)

( Follow the fake cut~ )

I realize this is posted really late too...but I had no access to a scanner for the last week and a half. >.>

Puppyshipping Links

I finally got around to gathering my favorite puppyshipping links...

Seto Jou

Puppyshipping @ WikiFic

Links Not Included at WikiFic:
The Dog House
KJ Search
Wallpapers (on pages 1-5 with a few scattered on other pages)
Puppyshipping Images: Gallery & Album
Seto x Joey Fanklub
A Boy and His Dog : Seto/Jounouchi Fan Fiction Fanlisting
Icons [1] by radfel
Icons [2] by azure15
And of course this community! jou_loves_kaiba
Chaos To His Order : Jounouchi/Kaiba of Yuugioh by regann
Guard Dog (revised version Here) on
A Dragon’s Kiss
Blue Eyes Black Dragon
Puppyshipping Videos (You may subscribe to this playlist for updates by going to my channel, arien14, and directly to the playlists section where you will find a ‘Subscribe’ link for each playlist)
A Dragon's Lair (Archive) great Yahoo Group, the original closed but an archive was established a while back
setoVSjou - DeviantART Club
Puppyshipping banners

Let me know if any of the links don't work or if you have a site/page/etc. you'd like to have posted here. And we <3 comments! :)
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I'm searching for a viddie, if anyone can help :D

Has anyone ever seen that subtitled MAD, where they take clips from episodes and mess around with them? In the one I'm looking for there was one part where they took the scene when Kuriboh popped out to be Yami's deck master, and Yami kept telling Kuriboh to bugger off, a glaring contest insued, he kept asking Gansly (or whatever his Japanese name is xD) if he could use Black Magician, or Buster Blader etc., and when he wasn't allowed and Gansley asked him did he give up he just paused then says 'Yeah.'

... There were loads more, but I couldn't remember them and I can't refind it :D Any help? ^-^

Also, another question;
If the Yugioh Characters were made into chocolates with flavoured fillings etc., what would their flavour be? 8D
(Any bets on how many people will vote Strawberry for Yugi? XD)

And since I feel I should contribute when I come here, here are three (really stupid -_-; )piccys I've done recently. Just... silly... yeah XD;;
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