March 26th, 2008

ygo - kaiba cry!?

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

This goes in conjunction with my last post, about what sort of insults would hit the hardest for each of the Yu-Gi-Oh characters (and by all means, keep commenting to that post, because there are a LOT of characters that haven't gotten any love!)

What do you think is each character's greatest fear?

This ties into the fact that probably the best way to insult someone is to prey on their fears. You could reasonably say that Kaiba fears being alone and forgotten, so for someone to say "Who are you and why should I care?" would probably hurt like hell. But he's not the type to run away and cry about such a thing-- all his experiences have caused him to lash out verbally (threats, insults, etc.) when he himself feels in danger, or insulted. For someone that doesn't know him (or his fears), such a reaction might seem more like he's not scared at all, and simply finds the accusation insulting. How does one know the difference between a cover-up reaction (even from the "well-trained" sorts like Kaiba) and a genuine apathy?

What about the other characters? What does Yugi fear (in the beginning of the series vs. the end)? What about Yami no Yuugi, or even the Pharaoh Atem? What does Akhnadin fear, or Kisara fear? What about Anzu, Mai, Jounouchi, Otogi, and Honda? Does Miho fear ANYTHING? And what about the ever-elusive Shadi?

I'm not talking spiders or plane crashes, folks. I mean the real psychological benders, the sort of things we'd have to dig deep to get to the root of, the sort of fears that could very well be apparent from their personality, if you got to know the character well-enough.

And how would someone best PREY on those fears, if they knew about them? Malik preyed on Mai's fears of being alone in a Game of Darkness, but what if someone else wanted to make Mai feel miserable, scared, or upset? What if it were someone without the "Dark Game" abilities? What if someone simply had a small idea of what someone was afraid of, and wanted to put their theory to the test, and see just how scared one of the characters would be? How would they do it?

Let's mangle some psyches, folks!
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Who just had a screaming fit over GX 180?

Shan't spoil here, but let me just say that my best friend and I are VERY happy about the conclusion. Even the little things, like the return of THE MUSIC and... well yes. Opinions, plz? :D :D :D :D