March 17th, 2008

stock [my matryoshka]


Because I've been waiting for Spring for a while. I know Yuugi has been, too.

It's not at all crack related, and I just got bored (even if I did start a YGO/Sailor Moon epidemic down below, before this post), so I figured, "Meh? Why not."

Have a happy spring! :D
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hmm lemme think about that

If there is intelligent life out there...

Alright. I'm sure someone is going to set me on fire for this, but just in case, I'm also going to add my favorite scene from YGO GX. Now, I think braindead monkeys with only one arm could make a better show, but I'll admit it has some good parts.

For example?

Kaiba appearances. (Why doesn't he age? Someone's been hitting the botox a little too agressively...)

Most of the video is bs, but around 40 seconds in, Kaiba makes the world wonder why he hasn't been institutionalized yet. It's a valid question. Even better is Mokuba's bland expression. Oh Mokuba.

And number two, I'll toss in an LJ cut so only those interested will have to suffer it.

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