March 8th, 2008

ygo - kaiba's the reason waldo is hiding

Look closer

Okay, so I'm browsing to grab a CD, and Amazon's got this nifty new slideshow "wheel" to display the latest recommendations to me. Of course, what with all my Yu-Gi-Oh purchases, there are DVDs in there. I don't buy the dub DVDs, mind (unless they start releasing them uncut again, and, well... Yuugi will reappear in the new series before that happens), but it's fun to look at the cover art and such.

But for some reason, this DVD cover caught my eye. Look carefully at the left side of the DVD, near where Ra's wing is sort of tilting back in shadow. NO, DO NOT try and click on the image to make it bigger, it won't work. In fact, if you have the DVD, don't look at it. Don't go to Amazon and look for the bigger image. This works best if you just look at the small image (it's a bit like finding the Virgin Mary in a piece of cheese; it takes all the fun out of it if you examine it TOO closely).

Doesn't the way Ra's wing is tilting back like that look a bit like someone's profile? Specifically, a guy's face. At first, I thought it looked like the hero of the new series, but then I thought his hair was maybe a bit too long (the new hero's hair goes "up" like Yuugi and Juudai's sort of did), so then I thought it looked like Fubuki/Atticus from GX!

Very curious.

Especially considering I've only see about 4 images of the new hero of 5D's and only watched about 1.5 episodes of GX.

And if you don't see it, that's okay! It's like Magic Eye, but for Yu-Gi-Oh!
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