March 2nd, 2008

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I sort of have a problem. I've got like 4 different AMVs going. And I've barely gotten anywhere with any of them. Too many ideas. And I can't decide which one to focus on right now. So I need you to help me choose!

[ Prideshipping ] Sound Effects and Overdramatics - The Used :: This one is my newest one. I just thought about it today when my sister and I were out cruising Broadway. Something dawned on me. Even though I despise this pairing and its uncanon-ness I realized it needs to be a hardcore song if it is going to work at all.
[ Revolutionshipping vs Puzzleshipping ] Virgina is for Lovers - Jordin Sparks :: This one I actually put a lot of thought into. Jordin wrote this song who about one of the contestants last year, Chris Richardson, who in fandom is rumored to be gay with runner up Blake Lewis. This song obviously hints at how frustrated she is. I thought it could work so well with Anzu and Atemu. She wants to love him, and she wants him to notice but all he can see is Yugi and it breaks her heart.
[ Puzzleshipping ] Don't Cry - Guns N Roses :: This was another random song. I was on the bus on the way home when it played on my iPod. I love Axl's voice in this song. And any overly sappy "I don't want you to cry when I'm gone" song automatically gets pegged as a puzzleshipping song in my brain.
[ Puzzleshipping ] I Will be With You - Sara Brightman :: So my fandoms may have just collided head on. This song I took from the end credits of the 10th Pokemon Movie [Rise of Darkrai]. It is so beautiful. And it is suppose to be more of how hurt Atemu was after the Ceremonial Duel. There are tons and tons of videos of how sad Yuugi was but not so much of Atemu. And I like this song. It's so pretty!

I even have what I have completed all edited together to make choosing easier!

pipe down i am jamming to aaliyah

Because everyone loves the random YuGiOh connections in news stories, right?


So I'm skimming through news stories on Google, and I come across this article about loneliness, the elderly, and robots. Anyway, to summarize, there are two dogs: one is a living dog, and one is a robotic dog.

The real dog is named Sparky. The robot dog is named AIBO.

... yes, in all caps like that.


Well, the purpose of the study was to determine whether a robot could be just as good a companion as a real dog in easing loneliness, and this next part just killed me:

Those who visited with AIBO took a little longer - about a week - to warm up to the metallic creature. Over time, they grew more comfortable with AIBO, and petted and talked to him. He responded by wagging his tail, vocalizing and blinking his lights.

"AIBO is charismatic if you start to interact with him," said the study's author, Dr. William Banks, a professor of geriatric medicine at Saint Louis University. "He's an engaging sort of guy."

 ... I sense imminent AU fic on the horizon.

Any thoughts?

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Wow I was just watching the dub Duelist Kingdom because I am bored. And the VA's sound so dull. Maybe I am used to EVERY other WORD being overly EMPHASIZED in BATTLE CITY but cheese and rice it almost made me laugh.

Because who would have thought, children's card games could be so boring?