March 1st, 2008

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"Jenny from the block's twins, Max and Emme, may have gotten their names from PBS cartoon called "Dragon Tales" -- a kids show about a brother and sister named Max and Emmy who socialize with dragons. How fitting!

The show is made to help children learn life lessons though the sibling's adventures, and mixes in Spanish language to promote a bilingual experience for the audience.

Good thing they don't watch Yu-Gi-Oh!"

I would argue that it's a crying shame... So, um, name JLo and Mac Anthony's babies on the count of three.

1, 2...

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omg wtf?

Okay, in my random search of Bakura things on YouTube I stumbled on this. And I thought I'd die of laughter, because, yeah, Biblical stories and YuGiOh go hand in hand. Anyways, it was unexpected, and in the end, I sat here, thinking, "Holy God, that was good."

Now I have a big crossover bunny sitting in my head of YuGiOh as The Prince of Egypt. It's also spawning into a plot. But I digress. Enjoy this AMV, and discuss who'd everyone would be in a children's Biblical movie such as this. XD

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Tonal Variation

Okay, major editing issues aside, I can't get over how DIFFERENT the tone of YGO (especially the psychotic Yami of Season 0) is when you change the music. It's like when we faffed about in the editing suite at uni and redubbed Gene Kelly's Singin' in the Rain number with the theme to Halloween, only reversed. Welcome Yami no Yuugi, the cheerful crusher of minds who gives candy to children. Then turns their thoughts solid and rips them out through their jolly wee nosies. 

On an unrelated notw, I know Mai/Jounouchi is practially canon. I know they fit like jigsaw pieces. I know they're one of those couples that are screwed all to hell but would probably work anyway. I know that I actively enjoy reading good fic about them. I know all this.

Still, I realised while watching this for about the fifty-fifth time that I'm developing an unhealthy attachment to them instead. 

Anybody know any good fanfic for them I could peruse? It seems a bit thin on the ground.