February 28th, 2008

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In Yu-Gi-Oh, we learn a little bit about the Ancient Egyptian concept of the soul, which was a multi-faceted thing, as opposed to this intangible "thing" within all of us that has individual traits and has the ability to "travel" after death.

In Yu-Gi-Oh, we see the "ka," which is one manifestation of one's soul, and showed as a monster or other creature of some sort. In some cases, it was a scary-looking creature, while for others, it was human-looking. Some people appeared to have some sort of control or choice over the appearance of their ka, while others had none. In addition, some people were consciously aware of their ka and worked WITH it, while others simply "used" it in battles, and others still had no idea that they even existed or how to make use of their own, if they even had one (or more, in the case of the Pharaoh).

So "ka" were individual in the sense that people didn't typically have more than one. But Seto did-- he had both Deos and the BEWD, though we never see Deos after he gains the BEWD. The Pharaoh "had" all three Gods, in addition to the Black Magician (which is "fused" with Mahaado's consciousness; it is worth pointing out that "ka" or "souls" don't have a consciousness of their own in most belief systems).

Then there was the "ba," which was somewhat similar to "life energy," "HP" or "life force." In the Yu-Gi-Oh verse, this was also like "life points," as once you ran out, you were dead (video games like to call it "unconscious," but we all know that when you hit 0, no Phoenix Downs or Resurrection Elixirs are going to be bringing you back).

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New opponent appears!

Okay, so maybe not a new opponent, considering I suck at the actual card game but I'm trying to learn.

I've been lurking around the community for at least six months now (I know it was when I still had my old computer), and both it and the Abridged Series brought me into the fandom for the first time at 16 years old. By the way, I love your guys' crack posts. They've made me cry from laughter before.

I cosplay, and one of the two on my "To Do This Year" list is Mana because she's awesome and I'll get to act like a nutcase. When I get my ball jointed doll, I plan to make her a Black Magician Girl cosplay so she can be my ka. That being said, expensive hobbies are oddly addictive.

Anyway, I play Nightmare Troubadour when I feel like it and have at least up to Duelist manga #11 hidden in a box in my closet. Yep, it's my literal closet fandom. *is hit* YuGiOh also poured kerosene on the flame of my love of ancient Egypt (...corny...), so now I get just about every book on it when I go to libraries.

I should probably stop rambling now. You can go back to whatever you were doing. o_o;
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Beauty and the Beast


Hey all! All right, unfortunately I have fallen on some difficult times and am in DIRE need to get rid of my YGO doujinshis. As in my livelihood and doggy's full tummy depend upon it. XD! So here I have my YGO doujinshi collection to sell to my fellow YGO-nutter pals. 

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All four of these doujinshis are in tip top, mint conditions! I'm also doing this auction style so if somebody already said they wanted a particular item, you can comment and name your price. I'll be checking this post exactly 48 hours after it goes up so whoever has the higher price by that time period wins. Its just like ebay. XD!! I'll be doing payments via Paypal, and in two days I will send personal invoices to all those who purchased soemthing. And yes, I have combined shipping--3$ per additonal item. 

Any questions, leave 'em in the comment boxes. Thanks so much for taking a look guys, I really appriciate all the help! <333333  

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