February 20th, 2008

Loki - Ruining His Big Day

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's pictures

I found some of these while surfing the net... It's similar to the scan of the 5D characters we already have but in better resolution (well, somewhat better!!!) and there's a pic by Takahashi-sama too!

Yusei drawing by Takahashi-sama: http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z288/niwatorimeat/Takahashi5Ds.jpg
(Seriously, I LOVE this picture!)

MORE new main-char pic:

Fanart of Yuki from Gx and Yusei:

The close-ups on the characters:

Ooookies... no LJ cut this time. I'll letting you guys make the opinions on this one!
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Loki - Ruining His Big Day

OCG for 5D's Pictures

Because I guess I'm double-posting but maybe not... my previous post had pics for the ANIME of 5D's. This post focuses on the OCG that comes with it! Now, to pray that I MIGHT get to go to Japan this summer w/one of my bestest friends so I can go even more broke than I am now at a freakin' Ivy League school (and tis only my freshman year in all this college stuff).

Anyways, save the drama... here we go!


This thread on Janime's forum is full of gooooodness for changes to the OCG (possibly TCG too later on).

What makes me smile? The fusion deck shall be restricked to 15 cards MAX and the the decks shall be limited to 60 card max (still 40 min). That puts a big stopped on my lil' sibling defeating me w/his Heroes... ha ha ha! And the Side Deck will be 15 cards or LESS which is great as I usually only need like 3 cards in my side deck and fill up the rest w/junk just so I can legally have a side deck. lolz...

Anyways, sry to double post and ENJOY! ^_^

PS - Stardust Dragon is smex... although Yusei is still TEH SMEX of 5D's!
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Sighting

I was skimming an article about tonight's lunar eclipse when I read "Seto said" and I thought 'Whoa! When did I start reading a fanfic?!' Apparently, Eric Stuart Seto is from the National Weather Service. You can read the full article here if you want.