February 15th, 2008

CAGED ➽ anya

[ AMV ] Peachshipping & a little Revolutionshipping, too!

I made it for Valentine's Day. But as usual I am late. I fell asleep before it uploaded to YouTube.

Title; Yuugi Hates to Love Anzu
Edited by; Peachy
Theme; Peachshipping longing? , Revolutionshipping
Duration; 2:51
Disclaimer; Blake Lewis owns the song. Kazuki Takahashi owns Yuugiou. And I own nothing.

Pls note as a hardcore Puzzleshipper it hurt me so much to say that either of them were/wanted to be with her. So I am sry if it sucks. This video pained me more than my Seto tribute. Why I made it I don't know. The song just reminded me of them. The next one will be better. Cuz Anzu will be jealous of the puzzleshipping goodness!

Mail Mail

YGO and HnNKn parody

Hi There! This is my second post to this community. Now I know that alot of people have posted some Yu-Gi-Oh! and Higurashi MAD videos before. But I don't know if any one has posted this one yet

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