February 7th, 2008

critters ~ <3

like a clown, in a way.

I haven't had much to share here lately (unless I offered up more historical anecdotes, which might earn me death by stoning >.>), but I thought I might share this little personal moment.

Namely, that I

- have a two-foot-tall posable Yami no Bakura ufo-catcher/plushie, and

- my housemate is afraid of it.

... Yes, of the plushie. As in, said plushie is not allowed in her room, near her room, or in close quarters with her, and for the longest time she wouldn't even sit on my bed until I moved the bloody thing.

Ignoring the fact that even her cat has managed to pwn him, and kept sleeping in his lap until I finally got it across to the furbag that Bakura would be the least of her worries if she didn't knock it off.

(He's currently next to the bookshelf alongside my bed, weighted down with a few volumes of manga and the hardback anniversary edition of The Isis Trilogy planted firmly in his lap. This seems to make things better.)

Random, sure, but ei ~

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