January 25th, 2008

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Alright, I'm leaving Lurkdom for a while to visit Fandom because I have just done one of the dorkiest things ever. :D
(And yes, I do this every year, orzzzz.)
But in lieu of you actually getting a piece of my delicious cake, you get this beautiful picture instead. *thumbs up*
Of course, you have to follow the cut that just might devour my cake before you get there. o__o

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*books one-way ticket back to Lurkdom*
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ARGH! Plot weevils!


Okay, this humble religious maniac of sorts was bumbling about, innocently minding her own business and RP-ing a way to get Malik into a muslim woman's garb. (That's just so you know what brought this all about.) Egypt is predominately muslim after all, and if you're trying to avoid getting killed by demons, the best thing to do is be unrecognizable, and what better way to do it then by hiding our rather flamboyant friend behind one of these?


Even I can't tell who's Malik in that photo! (wait...)

Anyway, I was doing a bit of reading along the way, and, HARK! I see a little bit of wikipedia. It's trying to appease feminists, of course...(it's a losing battle, m'dears. Just give up and hold your chins and your Y-chromosomes high, because I still don't mind half the populace of the world.)
But the entry makes quite clear that Muslim dress code for men implies:
1)covering from the naval to below the knee
2) in some sects, no wearing of either silk or gold.


Hm. Yes. Well, my take on Malik has always been rather more "rebellious" than he should be, and entirely too fond of attention, but really now, who knew he was this much of a rebel...*snicker* I mean, he's definitely showing some skin he shouldn't be, and he's wearing enough gold that it's a miracle he doesn't sink the boat he comes in on.

That crazy teenager. (Or 27-year-old if you want to get technical about "real" age since he was created...)

Just something interesting, I thought.

Anyone know more about Islam than this proud, perverted protestant, and care to offer enlightenment by any chance? (Ie: Am I totally wrong by any chance? Or is be breaking any other delectable rules?)

Hmm...on another note, I wonder if I should draw art for this subject...ah...but I probably won't have a romantic encouter with a scanner anytime soon though...But I still wonder... (Anyone care to try to pursuade me?)

PS: if you see Nyami-chan give her a sympathetic pat on the back, because she, my beloved Malik-player had to deal with a lot from me yesterday as my Bakura rp more or less strangled her with a veil to make a point, and is in fact entirely repsonsible for the burkha thing, and enjoying himself altogether too much while Malik curses him bitterly. (All to save his currently angsting boyfriend. Isn't he devoted?)
Nyami-chan is my RP!hero. (isn't she everyone's?)
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So let's talk hypotheticals.

If, hypothetically, there was a fire, and Kaiba could only save one thing, do you think he would save a) his Blue Eyes White Dragon cards, or b) his little brother, Mokuba?