January 18th, 2008

computer war

Doujin icons

yeah it's been a while since i got to post more doujin iconses.
this one comes from a cute fluffy doujin called Nyan to Wan-derful Romance this has to be the cutest fluffy doujin i've seen! jou, kaiba, and yami are turned into animals and it's up to yugi and ryou to take care of them. to yugi and ryou, jou appears to be a dog, yami a black cat, and kaiba a frilled lizard. but to each other, the three appear to be anthromorphs.

12 yugi
3 ryou & yugi
7 ryou
1 random pegasus
3 kaiba-lizard
12 jou-puppy
16 yami-cat
54 icons :3


( ICONS! GO! )