January 10th, 2008

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Play the damned card, indeed!

I just had an epiphany.

My two novel-length YGO fics are each around 250,000 words long, which is about twice the length of an average novel. This really bugged me... why can I not write normal-length stories?

Now I'm writing in another fandom and am finishing up a novel-length fic, and it's half the length. So what gives? Are my YGO plots just more complex? More characters?

Nope. It's the damned duels!

Here's a comparison. My new fic has three fight scenes. The longest--which is really two fights in one with characters arriving throughout and changing the dynamic--is five chapters long. The other two are about one and two chapters long.

My last YGO fic also had three major duels. The shortest was five chapters long, however. The second one was eight chapters long. The final battle was seventeen chapters.

That's 30 chapters of dueling alone!

It's not that I love the duels. I tend to fast-forward through them while watching the show, and skim them in the manga. But DAMN, those things get away from you! Describing each move takes FOREVER, and oh yes, our boys (and Mai) do love to blather on while they're dueling.

Shut up and play the damned card, indeed! ::g::
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