January 5th, 2008

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Yu-Gi-Oh 2: Gekjiko ban???

I've been lurking in the animated film section on Wikipedia for the past few hours, and when I stumbled upon animated feature-length releases for 2009, I saw this:

Yugio 2: Gekjiko ban (Japan)

I googled it in a frenzy, and apparently a Japanese OVA for YuuGiOu Duel Monsters (at least I hope it's not GX, doesn't seem like it) is in the making, scheduled to be released this year in Japan, and in the US in 2009.

Is this old news?? Does anyone of you have more info on this?? If this really is true, it seems like my prayers weren't in vain...!
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So, I was playing NiGHTS Journey of Dreams for the Wii. Finished it and all that. What does this have to do with Yu-Gi-Oh? Right after I fought Reala (one of the villains), my first thought was, "Did I just kill a gay clown?" Actually, that could apply to Donbalon as well. >.>

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Could someone direct me to a place where I could find good quality manga scans that'd be suitable for dramatic crossover icons? Manga scans are easier to merge than anime caps. =/
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"I'm egyptian, like Yugioh, buy me!"


Well I'm talking with Moki, and I just got back from the bookstore. I got some book too lazy to go get it and read the title again about an ancient egytian princess or something. It caught my eye, I blame the Yugioh influence.
Of course, even before the luvs of YGO I liked pyramids and stuff, but I think YGO brought it out. A lot.

Just found it funny that it caused me to want to buy a book on Egypt. Anyone else have some funny stories of Yugioh influence?