December 31st, 2006

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Odd Icon Post

Okay, you may be wondering why I'm posting these icons, since there "aren't any Yu-Gi-Oh! icons". Well, there kind of are.

Anyone remember the discussion about the Pokémon episode where Ash gets taken over by an evil spirit of a king of a Pokémon/Atlantis-ey kind of thing?

Yeah. >> I made icons.

x1 .hack//Sign (Tsukasa)
x3 Yu Yu Hakusho
x3 Yu-Gi-Oh!
x2 Pokémon
x5 Pokémon/Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover
x1 Harry Potter (</a></b></a>shoebox_project quote)
x1 Random
(So not a fake cut.)
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Couple More Today

Now I found a Phantom of the Opera that's Yugi-centred and it's pretty good as well...the ending though made me crack up with the singer and see what I mean...OK! I FIXED THE LINK! SORRY ABOUT THE MIXUP FOLKS!

Phantom of the Opera (Yugi/Yami)

And this one...just total crack! XD

I'm (Yami) the candy man (Yami)

And this just fits him to a T and I ♥ this song too! #^.^#

Lonely Blvd of Dreams (Yugi)

And thank you hemntjrseth for that "Angels" video link. That was awesomeness and I remember that song too! Totally awesome! *thumbs up*

Anyone know of any good Kaiba or Joey vids to check out?
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