December 23rd, 2006

Happy Birthday Malik!

Happy Birthday Malik!

Hi, name's Violet Malik ^_^ I've been a member of this community for awhile, and every now and then I browse through it, but this would be my first post. I thought I'd remind everyone of their favorite Egyptian's birthday (and his alter ego's birthday too- ya know, the dude with the tongue >.> ). By the way, does anyone know how old Malik would be? I guess depending on if you're going by either the Japanese or English version it differs. Anywho, may you all be showered in Malik plushies on this happy day and I strongly caution anyone who so happens to get showered by the Yami no Malik may either get stabbed by his Millennium Rod or his hair O_o
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(CITRON) the battles of your youth

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YO, playthedamncard-ers~ 8D It's that time of year again, yes it is! ♥ Our favourite blond homicidal maniac's birthday, that is. Who knows how old he is -- all I know is that he still looks damn good. Really damn good. :X

Now, as I posted with the same birthday message of love for Malik, I'll ask the question again: what would you give him? ♥

I'm opting to give him a voucher for the mall, this year. That boy needs to srsly rework his wardrobe. XD

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