December 20th, 2006


Santa the Duelist

I meant to post this days ago but I was busy sleeping and playing PS2 with work and such. I went to my local tourney with a little surprise. I dressed as Santa and handed out Yu-Gi-Oh! Sticker Pops (suckers with gum in them, and a little sticker of a monster or character). The littl'uns were pleased as punch at this and everyone had a good laugh when I whipped out my iPod and speakers and played "Santa's Gonna Kick Your Ass" by Arrogant Worms, a Canadian comedy band. Not only did I get to utter classic lines such as "Here, they're Yugilicious" and "Suck on YuGiOh" but I went on to win the tournament, so be good this Christmas, or Santa will come and kick your ass (at a duel).
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Chorus plus greasers plus badly timed fanart equals crack.

Yu-Gi-Oh! crack, that is. And it went like this.

Because our school is winful, we watched Grease for two hours instead of having our chorus finals, because face it: how do you have a two-hour final chorus exam?

Now, I've never really liked Grease, so I sat there and drew Ryô Bakura fanart while my friend Chelsea read. Of course, because I was drawing something YGO related, we had to have a cracktastical conversation about it, one which ended with Chelsea exclaiming that: Hey, we should recast Grease with the YGO cast!

And then...well...

Okay, can anyone else see Ryô as Sandy with painful clarity?
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