December 6th, 2006

drink it up
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Oh say can you see...

...I blame this on the chocolate shake I had at Micky D's for these...

I know those were Tristan's Honda's from the DOMA arc, but humor me here. This is more related to Keith "in America" crack. (Hense my post yesterday regarding the characters being hyper on stuff, I was hyper off of just about any and everything I seemed to eat, but...out of that hyperness came poetry and iconage...)

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Amelda - 3
Joey - 1
Keith/Joey - 1
Ryou - 1
Miscellany - 1

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OT: ygo_novella reminder

I'm not sure how many members of the community here are participating in either side of the 2006 Yuugiou Novella Challenge (the side I'm co-running with apollymi is the slash side while the_sweet is heading up the het/gen side), but time is running out. There's an announcement regarding the deadlines on ygo_novella, but the long and short of it is, the deadline is December 15. There will be no extensions.

Hit the comm for more info; I already think this is OT enough and taking up space ^_^;;;
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Cat Yes/No? XD

HELP WANTED! See manager for details.

So I’m working on this project, see. And for once, it’s not Sodachi (but this’ll probably help that too). And I need you guys’ help, please.

(a) What are all the canon encounters between Seto Kaiba and Anzu Mazaki in the ANIME? Feel free to include green-haired, pre-series Kaiba and all the non-manga arcs.

(b) Also, if possible, what is the perceived tone of the encounter, i.e. what kind of feeling do you get from the scene? I’m looking more for unbiased (read: non-Anzu-bashing AND non-Azureshipping) interpretations of the producers’ intent.

I’m not asking for any one person to provide all this information; bits from everyone would be fine.

Thank you kindly. ^_^
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Yami & Ryou: PWNED. (sdw)

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I was poking around on YouTube and came up with some interesting finds. XD

First, if you've never seen/heard of the first Yuugiou movie (I think it's called War of the Dragons?), you should, and there's a nice fansub as well as a good fandub of it out there. The subbed version has the first series voices, a.k.a. adorably-high-pitched Yuugi. The fandub is really well done, I'd recommend it if you don't like subtitles. Here's the subbed version: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3; and here's the fandub: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4.

Secondly, remember when the HK bootleg of Hikari no Pyramid was released with the wrong subtitles? If you didn't get a chance to see that amazing bit of hilarity, the highlights are pointed out here (warning for cursing and general vulgarity). XD

Thirdly, is anyone planning on attending Ohayocon this year? I'm not sure if I'm going to make the drive there or not, but if we're going to have a Yuugiou cosplay group I might cosplay Yami Malik again.