December 4th, 2006

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Hello. I'm one of the leaders of the LJ RP duelacademy_r2, the Duel Academy's second form. We're in need of fresh blood at the moment, so come on over, we're insane, but friendly... and possibly zombies, we're not quite sure on that point.

We've lost some players, and thus some characters, who need love. More specifically, we have Fubuki who needs a player, as well as minor characters. (If someone takes up Somellier Parker, I will officially dub you as "awesome".)

However, we can't accept everyone who comes knocking. While regrettable, we've had some players who just... didn't work out. Thus, we have rules.

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Not Really a Sighting . . .

. . . but it amused me, and it amuses me every time I come here, yet I keep forgetting to post about it. I'm at school right now. The terminals of the main campus library's mainframe all have Egyptian names, like "Horus."

Right now, I'm working on "Ra."

"I wrote my essay using the power of Ra."

"Ra helped me find great research materials."

"I searched online journal archives using Ra."

And my favourite:

"Look at me! I'm on Ra!"

And so on.

All right. I know it's lame and that I am easily amused. I'm going now . . . to do some more work on Ra.
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Slerra - You'll never be alone
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I've got the Magic Stick...~

The fruits of my 3 day labour are finally up at Youtube :) This was made with ALOT of help from littlekuriboh if it wasn't for his help and allowing me to borrow some of his DVD's this wouldn't be possible...

I'm just kinda bummed that there are ALOT of repeated scenes with Ishizu, she doesn't really say alot does she? She just stands there and does the whole inner monologue thing most of the time.

Or there's the embedded version under the cut if you're feeling laaaazy.

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