December 3rd, 2006

[ff9] everyone's grudge
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Hello hello! It's not really CRACKY, but HEY I have some picture for you all!??!
Sorry it's not too great! I guess I should post to the "normal" ygo comms, but... I'm not a member DDDD: Anyway anyway,

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Edit: Also, there was an odd silhouette thing here if anyone's interested. bakuPod-ish.
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cream puffs

a couple of yugioh moments

1. I was randomly searching YouTube for 'Supernanny.' and I came across a video about Seto Kaiba.

The first thing that went through my mind, of course, was... wow... Supernanny in the Kaiba house? That's a hoot! Then I realized it was just an extremely poor quality amv made by someone whose username was Supernanny. But for a minute... Yugioh moment.

2. I got an early christmas present today- it was a huge fluffy purple robe/blanket pullover thing. And after I put it on, my aunt asked me what I thought of it.

My answer: 'This looks like something Dark Magician would wear after he steps out of the shower.'

Very cool.
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