December 1st, 2006

computer war

seriously random yugioh sighting

yea, so it's been a while huh. i'll get to more icons at some point XD

so i was playing fire emblem 1 and got to level 4, and lo and behold what name comes up? マリク. Romanized, that's Malik. Now he looks nothing like our favorite egyptian but this guy is seriously awesome. he is a magician and marth's best friend and strongest supporter. after he and marth were separated in the midst of war, he searched for marth so that the two could fight for freedom along side one another. as another note, malik is also in love with marth's sister XD. yay, マリク! =D

edit: i have a brick'd custom mood icon, but it doesn't show up for some reason. o_o. anyone know why?
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Hello, and also some thought food.

Hello everyone.

How are you, fine sankyuu.

I am commonly known as Mizu, and I am new to the fandom. Kind of. More like, I discovered YGO crack before I discovered the actual series, which made reading the manga much more enjoyable.

Anyway, I come bearing a strange thought born from the union of my slight Bakura fangirlism, and my blatant Ring/Ringu fangirlism.

My apologies if anyone here's noticed this and posted it already:

Has anyone here seen the Japanese version of The Ring? If so, has anyone who's seen it, noticed that they refer to the cursed video as the "Sennen" tape?

I've found several other Ring/Ringu tie-ins. First of all, Pegasus pulls the whole stunt with sealing Sugoroku's soul into the videotape (thank you SO MUCH LK for parodying this, I was dying for someone else to catch that).

Then...I mean, Dark Bakura? "The Spirit of the Ring?" I was half expecting Ryô's hair to fall over his face when he dueled. Sadako is just as much of a malevolent spirit as the Ring spirit is, after all, and the evil!Sadako in Ringû 0 and her relationship to good!Sadako reminded me a lot of the Bakurae.

...duelist!Sadako. Now there's a thought. "I SUMMON THE VIRUS! COPY MY TAPE OR DIE! BWAHAHA!"