November 25th, 2006

paint the darkness with your life

Why helo thar.

I've watched PTDC for a while now and decided to finally join it. Many of you might know me from GaiaOnline as Atemu or met me before and just thought I was some crazy loser.

And it's true, I am a crazy loser. *sob*

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Jade sewing up tokunaga.

Lotsa pictures, sooo.

So, today I was at the mall, and I was wandering around KB Toys because I needed a Duel Disk for my Ryuuzaki cosplay for the sake of nostalgia, and what do I see other than the most super special awesome easiest modelling kit! And guess what it is? Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, of course!

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Cross-posted to my personal journal, though I think there's only like two people here whose friend's list I'll be abusing. xD
Line starts here & goes around the block

Otogi Ryuji Moodtheme

Hey, Kiara here~
I recently made an Otogi moodtheme for an RP journal of mine (and am now using it on my personal journal as well) and decided that I should put it up for use here if anyone wanted it. (I don't think there's an Otogi moodtheme anywhere else, and I love that boy. XD) Also, I'm taking a poll, so read the info below!
So yes... I was really tired and didn't make a preview image, but you can see what it looks like here.
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