November 22nd, 2006

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In one of satrugha's last icon posts, I made a comment about "Atemchu", and a picture of it I drew ages ago. I was clearing out some stuff earlier and actually found it...but it was horrible. So I (quickly and badly) redrew it and decided to share. =D;;

Since I'm pretty sure most of you didn't catch the comment I made, let me give a quick explination:
Back when I was playing Pokemon Channel, I named my Pikachu "Atemu". And not long after I jokingly dubbed him "Atemchu". Much joking and hilarity ensued.

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The best thing ever...and a picture >__>;;

The other day I skipped my latin lesson went into town after school and found the coolest thing in Woolworths. 

A YuGiOh! advent calendar.

Except there are cards in it instead of chocolate.

How cool is that? It was reduced from £14.99 to £4.99 too! >D What makes it all the more super special awesome is that on the front are Kaiba and Jou, which just happens to be my OTP! *joygasms* I actually screamed and pointed and jumped on the spot. Sadly, I also did grabby hands over the checkout when the woman was putting it in a bag for me, I am ashamed of my lack of self control. *hangs head in shame*

Now, picture! This is my first Puppyshipping picture in about...a year or so. I'm a terrible fangirl.

Title: Untitled
Rating: G/PG?
Type: Fanart; YuGiOh!; Puppyshipping
Status: Incomplete; inked
Time taken: Not as long as it usually takes me...
Can also be found:

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x-posted...sorry TT____TT
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