November 21st, 2006

rrrroyal rainbow!
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Quick sketchy oekaki of Malik because I was so bored. ._.

First YGO fanart. You know, having been a fan of the series since I was 10, you'd think I'd have already drawn fanart, but nooo. D: D:

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Huhu I suck. D:
Done in 40 minutes, Shi Painter oekaki. 2 layers. My tablet was being weird. ;~;
Here's the drawing animation, just because.

I bought some Japanese rice topping just because it was "Seto" flavored. Hee. Seto tastes like fish. -is shot-
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Pardon the lateness...

...but I'm a certified chowderhead at times. I mentioned this in my personal journal, but no where else since at the time I was having problems with the image server, but everything is great grand and glorious again, so check these out :

Teaser :

The rest are here

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NOTE : I'm so sorry! The link was there, but I'd misplaced it ^^;;;;

More crack for all of you. Enjoy! :)

So yesterday my Chinese friend, who lives in Canada, sent a Cantonese version of YMCA. So as I was listening to the song I suddenly remembered episode 13 of the Abridged Series. And oh no, now I can't listen to this version without laughing. Stupid Paradox Brothers. Gah. So here's the song for all of you. Enjoy!

Onto other crack... I've been rping as Priest Seto for more than two years now and I've had a lot of fun with my rp group. I tend to spend the majority of the time with a Mahaado and a TKBakura (we call him Akifa). Anyway, yesterday the three of us were just goofing off and this came about...

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I hope that everyone can see that. I'm not sure if people without MSN can see it. Sorry if you can't.
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