November 20th, 2006

Jena Run - Smooooch
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Completely random question:

What fruits/flavours do you feel represent/think are fitting for which YuGiOh characters? Main characters or side characters, doesn't matter.

...told you it was random. :D *brick'd* But this will hopefully have some relevace later.
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drink it up
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Let's get geared up...

Ok yesterday afternoon while I was out getting ready to get gas, I spotted this SUV and it had a peculiar license plate that had me giggling for a moment. The license plate read "Pupster" so guess who I thought of immediately? ^___________________^

I'm not sure if anyone's asked his before, but if the YGO cast had cars and such and if they were to personalize their plates, what do you think they'd read?

Ok, here's my input on what I think each characters license plates might read :

Mokuba - CAPKING
Honda - BKRBOY
Otogi - CHR4ME

AnimeUSA Cosplayers

First post FTW!!

I've been lurking here for quite sometime but have never had a reason to post, but I bring one! Just went to AnimeUSA over the weekend and I bring just 2 pictures. Cosplayers were disappointing this year and I only saw 2 Yugioh groups. The second picture should make puzzleshippers very happy (*squee*). Enjoy!

OMG!!! Part 2

So here I am again posting here, because yet another Yu-gi-oh event has appeared in my English Class today.

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By the way I'm the 11th grade and in a pretty good school too. Everyone there is just crazy-go-nuts, with a capital 'CRAZY-GO-NUTS'.
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