November 19th, 2006

Star Wars--One of Those Days

Use the Damn Force?


Uh. . .I'm new to this community, though I've been in the fandom for a good while. Some of you might know me from DeviantArt, where I used to be The-Mad-Poet until I got sick of hatespam and porn requests and just left. I'm still TMP, or Poet, or Ali, or, you know, just about anything you feel like calling me. I kind of just AM. Anyway, long story short, I wanted to join because I check the place every so often anyway, and I wanted to have something intelligent to say when I introduced myself.

I don't.

However, I HAVE been listening to Star Wars soundtracks, because John Williams is a damn genious. And I DO have an amusing and potentially scarring thought to share. The Episode One (Phantom Menace) track 'Duel of the Fates' has given me the incredible and perverse urge to draw Jedi with Duel Disks. Either that, or Yami and Seto vs Dartz Vader in a two-on-one lightsaber showdown. To the death. YES.
Just thought I'd share that with all of you because it has me giggling hysterically. Any thoughts? Should I do it? Should I be shot?
Either way, I'm fairly sure I'm going to hell. =D