November 17th, 2006

ToS ☆ SLAP!, ToS ☆ Sisterly love.

Thought I'd share some icons ..

Yuugiou [20]
   [-] Mutou Yuugi [3]
   [-] Yami no Yuugi/Pharaoh Atemu [9]
   [-] Mutou Yuugi and Yami no Yuugi [1]
   [-] Jounouchi Katsuya [1]
   [-] Honda Hiroto [1]
   [-] Kaiba Seto [1]
   [-] Bakura Ryou [1]
   [-] Pegasus J. Crawford [1]
   [-] Bandit Keith Howard [1]
   [-] Mutou Yuugi and Jounouchi Katsuya [1]
Total [20]

Paparazzi. Tears in heaven. Call American.

( Beyond the door, there's peace, I'm sure. And I know there'll be no more tears in heaven. )

[+] Please credit artistjosie if you use any of these icons.
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[+] Cross-posted to yugi_icons.

Bonus: All of those "calling cards" actually do say something on them (I'm that level of dork, clearly). In fact, Yami no Yuugi's is downright dirty with its innuendo. The first person to guess the phone number that I decided to put on Bandit Keith's card as close to correctly as possible gets a cookie.
And a date with Bandit Keith. IN AMERICA!
The only hint that I have for it are that it's - obviously - pretty much just a complete reference to littlekuriboh's Abridged Series. That alone probably gives it away.
So, yes. A date with Bandit Keith and a cookie to the first person who guesses the number.

In other news ... I actually have twenty more of the "call boy/girl" icons decided on, which will be my next icon set.

My Dreams Taste Yummy

I had a dream the other night in which me and some friends owned a diner where all the food items were named after anime characters. I can only remember a handful of what we sold and one of those was a Ryou.

So if your very bored one day get yourself some vanilla ice cream, white chocolate chips, caramel, whip cream and make a milkshake. And if you don't like vanilla make a Bakura instead which made with chocolate ice cream. X3
computer war

icon dumpage =D

yup, i got bored again so here's some icons for ya.
i've been browsing various sites and found a descent collection of season 0 caps. and so, this icon set includes episodes 1-3, 16-19, 22-26. it also includes a few caps from the openings: "kawaita sakebi", "wild drive", and "overlap". 32 icons total =D


plz credit =D
comments are loved
and no hotlinking or miho will eat you =D

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Yu-Gi-Oh Mood Themes?

Hi everyone:

I'll risk stating the obvious and admit that I'm about five years behind the fandom curve in "discovering" my "forbidden love" of Yu-Gi-Oh. The last three weeks have been one ENORMOUS period of catch up and squeeing.

To the point: does anyone know where the Yu-Gi-Oh mood themes I've been seeing on LJ may be available for using? If not usable, does anyone know where I can learn to MAKE said mood themes?

"Domo Arigato" and thank you for listening to the shy ramblings of a newbie.