November 14th, 2006


Okay so I know the Seto fans here are going to like this:

I was in English today and we were discussing a book called Billy Budd, when the teacher said that the main character (Billy Budd) had 'Welken eyes'. So everyone proceeded to 'huh?' like the confuzzled students we are until she explained that Welken eyes meant blue eyes. I automatically thought 'OMG! BEWD!', when at the exact same moment a "cooler-non-Yugiohliking" looking boy, yells out loud. BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON!!! And everyone laughed.

Needless to say I was extremely happy for the rest of the day.


Serious icon dump. and i mean seriously massive. i tried to think of a way to split this up into doses and gave up. and so you get all 69 in one shot! I must be crazy!

and so here's the premise for the iCon series. remember those old iPod ads where the person was a sillouhette with the headphones in white? i got the idea from our naruhodou over at nihon_made with his iObject icon and decided to make my own. i started out with a sailormoon set which, for some odd reason was a total flop in both the SM comms i'm in. i seriously need to find / make a sailormoon comm which is as crazy as ptdc. so i thought, why not try yugioh?

so yeah, well i made one for almost every character and several duel monsters i could find a descent image of. i am unfortunately missing a pharaoh icon. it kept coming out looking like yami. most are iDuelists, but there’s a good number of puns and jokes in there =3


plz plz plz credit as i did these sillouhetes all by hand with a mouse o_o
no hotlinking or i'll steal your iPod
credits are welcome =D

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