November 13th, 2006

Kawaitta sakebi ga!

I have had the theme to Yugioh 'Yami no Game' in my head for sometime I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to find the audio file to that song...RA DARN IT I don't even know the name of the song...Please someone help me? Pretty please??
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Kaiba's Office Blog-Crew codes. :D

Since writer_of_sorts, and the other people on PTDC Chat appointed me as the coder for the blog crew, I finally got them done. :D Woo!
Collapse )

If you haven't joined, and still wish to, comment and I'll add you. ^^

Enjoy, everyone. :D

EDIT: If you copied the code before this edit, I suggest you re-copy it, as I've screwed up, because I'm an idiot. XD It probably is still screwed up, because I'm still an idiot. But it should work. Somewhat. *idiot* XD;

Also, as an alternative to the code above(because it hates me, y0), here's another one, just to put yourself in;
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Jounouchi: demon form


Good morrow, and salutations, Cardies
My name is Jakan - though feel free to call me 'Oi, you!' - and after lurking for some time, I finally learnt how to post in yon community. *Bruises self* (Yea, verily!)
In an attempt to passify any... rudeness, passed my way, I offer an observation, akin to those I've enjoyed reading on occassion. (Either in this group or someplace else, perceptive pieces are always a must)
Often, when coming across two similar characters from different fandoms, we refer to them as being long-lost brothers/cousins/twins. [Eg:Seto Kaiba and Heero Yuy - Totally Twins (Yo!)] However, I've located an Anti-thesis to this...
Malik Ishtar and Gaara of the desert are not related. They are, in fact, the same person from different dimensions.
Don't believe me?
...Yes I often talk write like this.

G'night e'rybody!
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